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Get Free In-Home Assessment from a Medical Supply Store in Denver

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 If you have special medical needs—for yourself or your loved ones—and you're living anywhere in the Denver Colorado Metro area, you can take advantage of Colorado Medical Supplies' free in-home assessment starting March 1, 2014. This special aims to help you determine which medical supplies and equipment you need and how much of them you should purchase from our medical supply store in Denver.

With the stress and pressure involved in caring for an elderly or sick family member, or one with disability, getting the medical supplies you need daily can be burdensome. In worst cases, you might purchase the wrong item or fail to get the right size, dose, or brand—through sheer lack of experience. By allowing a professional to assess your home, you'll have a precise idea of what you need to continue delivering proper care—and you don't even have to pay for consulting!

Making Your Home Senior-friendly

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Sending the elderly to nursing homes is not always an option. Whether your reasons are financial or sentimental in nature, however, you should know that bringing grandpa or grandma into your home won’t be simple.

First of all, you will have to make sure your house is easy for them to navigate. A lot of seniors suffer from falling injuries, so take note of this when arranging their room location. Don't put them on the second floor, and make sure the paths in and outside of your home are accessible and clutter-free. Providing a walker from a medical supply facility can also help seniors move around.

Medical Supplies Today Won’t Make Americans Pay More for Healthcare

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 Over the past few years, many Americans have grown concerned about the rising healthcare costs in the country. Previous similar trends were attributed mainly to expansion of healthcare insurance, primarily in the 1960s with the creation of Medicare and Medicaid programs. With Obamacare active, many fear the costs would shoot up again.

The cost of quality medical supplies affects the cost of healthcare in general. Inpatient treatment takes the full brunt of the rising costs, as per an analysis conducted in 2012. The cost of medical supplies contributed to 24.2 percent of the cost of medical treatment for every patient discharged.

Making your Bathroom Elder-friendly

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If you are living alone or with at least one companion in your later years, answering the call of nature may be a harrowing challenge. Attending to your personal duties inside the bathroom, at your advanced age, carries a high accident risk. To minimize the danger, some safety experts recommend moderate fixes to the bathroom to make it more functional for seniors to use.