Making your Bathroom Elder-friendly

If you are living alone or with at least one companion in your later years, answering the call of nature may be a harrowing challenge. Attending to your personal duties inside the bathroom, at your advanced age, carries a high accident risk. To minimize the danger, some safety experts recommend moderate fixes to the bathroom to make it more functional for seniors to use.

The shower area is a critical part of the transformation. For instance, place an adjustable-height stool to assist limited-mobility seniors with their bathing. Install anti-slip mats and adhesive strips in high-traffic areas to add traction– for this, you will have to dispense with any rugs or throw mats in the bathroom because they add to the danger of a slip-and-fall. The toilet should also be upgraded with raised seat attachments and grip bars attached to the wall.
If you have a rack for bathroom care products in the stall, remove any soaps and replace them with body wash. This reduces the risk of slips due to the bar being accidentally dropped. Sponges with long handles work for hard-to-reach places.

Outfitting your bathroom with a bevy of support devices will have some benefits thrown your way. Aside from being user-friendly to seniors, even disabled bathers may take advantage of such features. 

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